Complete Analysis

While some development firms claim their skill is writing programs, we excel in solving problems. That means implementing the right software by designing the right solution to the real problem. We being with a thorough analysis of the symptoms, resources, and potential solutions to insure an effective — and cost-effective — solution. We go further to include control systems to make sure that the solution continues to resolve the problem long-term.

Sterling can help you identify key business objectives; locate available resources, both internal and external; specify the environment that will best accomplish your goals; and document these system requirements so development can be carried out, either by a Sterling development team, by in-house staff, or by a combination of both.

Efficient and effective systems design produces results. We produce efficient and effective systems designs.

Software Development

When you're ready to proceed with the project and are pressed for time, Sterling can bring your vision to life, cost-effectively and quickly, in the environment of your choice. Whether your servers run IIS or Apache, your web development project in ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, C/C++/C#, or Python is as good as done. Our developers implement for long-term maintenance with clean, well-documented code that follows our strict standards, allowing your project to have a long successful future.

In a real hurry? Sterling has decades of development experience, and we've crystalized this knowledge into a variety of tools that can make your project more effective. Our online tools include a PHP rapid protoyping development that provides a complete content management framework allowing easily configured content pages, CAN-SPAN compliant email automation, customizable forms, newsletters, audio and video libraries, and complete workflow automation -- a feature set that runs on almost any server, offering features not currently available in any other online CMF!

Continuous Improvement

Lean Six Sigma development techniques tell us that successful projects solve the right problem, avoid wasted activities, and insure that the solution remains effective over the long haul. Our systemic approach can help insure that the right solution is in place to provide predicable, reliable project success.

Support and Training

The best solution can't help if no one knows it's there, or understands how to use it. Sterling instructors can provide concentrated, on-site, face-to-face instruction. Our training teams can develop printed training materials, online web training, even video providing step-by-step instruction available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Need additional one-on-one help? We can help staff business-hours or 24 hour online support centers, which can even include shared desktop support. We provide the options that meet your users in their comfort zone, and make them more effective!